the pain never leaves you. it simply becomes a part of you.

Blaine hate (or not) is suddenly causing a lot of drama and a LOT of srs talk… all I can say is: “Where’d that come from? What the HECK did I miss?”

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It’ll break my heart if her own mother and the boy she loves comes after her! Not after all she’s done. :( WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO CAROLINE!?

I don’t understand why all these people are calling the Chinese heartless for executing those three Filipinos. All these people are saying that only God has the right to take lives, that death by execution isn’t a just punishment for ANYTHING, especially for something such as drug trafficking.

That’s their law. Those are their beliefs. Why go to another country and spit on their laws and beliefs? If you do the crime, prepare for the consequences… Everyone’s saying the three Filipinos are innocent. They were caught red-handed. They say they were framed… why couldn’t they release their affidavits BEFORE the sentence was brought out? Lastly, why couldn’t our airport security be more competent and see that much smuggled drugs.

Why were these people executed? It’s not because China is “heartless”. It’s because they did a crime.

I don’t believe in the death sentence. I also believe that NOBODY has the right to take a life, but God. But… it would be stupid to believe that this was a universal belief, and that I can get away with going against the law (unless I’m in the Philippines, where you can get away with anything as long as you have the connections and the money). 

So, my mother found out I’m taking the pill. I’m taking it because I have this condition where my monthly visitor hurts to the EXTREME. Imagine what the normal girl feels… multiplied by ten. Taking the pill makes this pain go away, even just a bit. So, I explain this to her, and she says…

Mom: This is why you’re fat.
Me: I think I’d rather be fat than suffer excruciating pain every month, thank you.

Thank you, mother. I haven’t eaten the whole day. I know, it’s terrible, but I suffer from extreme insecurities, and I’m trying to fix it. See, I gained ten pounds in the last year. I’m not sure if it’s because of the pill. But I thought it was pretty cool, since I lost about twenty pounds the other year in LESS THAN A MONTH just because I was stupid and I didn’t eat.

All my friends are trying to help me, and they back it up with medical shit like, “even the charts say you DON’T need a diet, you should eat MORE”.

I’m just saying. Mother, you don’t help.  

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people always say that high school is the best time of anyone’s life. every time i heard it, i said to myself… ‘bullshit, there’s got to be more than this’. five years after graduating from hs, i can’t help but think that i wish it could have lasted longer. that i could have hugged my friends tighter when we walked out the campus in our white togas. that i should have told so many of them that they probably shaped me for the rest of my damn life.

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Finally, it’s showing! Can’t wait to see it. :) First of all, it’s a Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen) movie. We all know how awesome he can be, especially in moves in this genre. I was in awe when I first saw the trailer, and about a dozen times again after that.

Plus, it has my girl crush, Emily Browning in it. The first and last time I saw her was from the Lemony Snicket’s movie, and I think she just became even more beautiful. It’s also got Vanessa Hudgens in it, and while she’s not on my top list, it will be kind of cool to see her step out from her usual kind of role.

Guys, you should all check this movie out as well!

Should the RH Bill be passed?

Seems like everyone is voicing out their opinions. Maybe it’s because of the demographic I’m in, but almost everyone is for it. That’s saying a lot, considering I’m an active member of a Catholic group. 

RE: The rising number of masses who are switching to contraceptives, “Aren’t Catholics who are for the RH Bill scared that they are sinning?”

People have answered, “These Catholics also value the lives of their already existing 11, 12, or 13 children.”

The most main opponent of the Bill is the Catholic church, but it seems that majority of the country wants it to get passed. So what’s taking so long? After sixteen years of fighting, it still hasn’t been passed. Are our government officials more afraid of losing the Catholic church as an ally, that they would postpone something so obviously important?

I love my country, but shouldn’t certain things be fixed?

Yes, you are a Christian, that is your choice and your right… but don’t enforce your beliefs on those who are not. Just because they hold different beliefs does not mean they should be condemned. I remember one time, I was going home from school, when we passed by a Mosque that was being shut down by the police. If I remember correctly, that was the situation because the Mosque had been illegally built on land that was owned by someone else (if they didn’t own it, how it even got built is beyond me). You wouldn’t believe what the people around me were saying. “Serves them right.” “They are all just teroristas." "Karma for the thieves!" 

A disgusting sight, really. Why do a number of Filipinos behave like this? I’m not going to lie… I’m very frightened to go to, let’s say, Basilan, where terrorists are supposed to be rampant. But never will I condemn the whole Muslim population for the mistakes that a small percentage of their population have made.

I’m a Christian, and I love God very much. But most people here… they only believe because that was how they were raised. I bet most of them have never even opened a bible on their own will. If you want to understand the word of God, please understand it. God tells us to love. I’ve never seen a passage that tells us to hate. We boast that we are nation full of love (and that’s true, I’ve seen it with my own eyes), yet, often, we turn a blind side to what is ugly.

What were your thoughts on Vampire Diaries S02E15?

Main highlights:

  • Stefan really used to be the big bad brother, and Damon was the goody goody. Times have changed.
  • Elena hates all the lying. Seriously, Stefan. Be more truthful. 
  • Bonnie no longer has her powers.
  • Elena is strong enough to stab herself. Pretty cool.
  • Elijah is down and away.
  • Katherine is the usual clever and manipulative girl, and she’s out. That’s right. SHE’S OUT. And she’s willing to help Damon and the others — this has got to be interesting.
  • Damon’s surprised face when Katherine comes out of the shower. Is it because he’s surprised she’s free, or is it because he thought he was staring at naked Elena?
  • Nina Dobrev is really awesome. Katherine and Elena look so the same (duh, same actress), but you can figure out who it is within three seconds because of that ‘bitchy’ face Nina Dobrev puts on Katherine.